SEG Automotive

Novi, MI –

Those in the automotive industry will likely recognize SEG Automotive. According to the company, their products are used by almost all major car makers.

“Mobility is an intrinsic human desire – and we at SEG Automotive have been its motor since in 1914,” Ferdinando Sorrentino, CEO of SEG Automotive, says on the company’s website. “Our powertrain components power over 300 million vehicles on the road today. And, beyond that, we have also been a continuous motor for innovation in our field – from the first starter motor to 48V hybridization, light electric mobility and now high voltage solutions. With our vision, we express our desire, and confidence, to extend this role as the ‘motor of the mobility of today’ into the future.”

The company’s product portfolio runs the gamut. It includes an entry-level segment as well as premium solutions, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. No matter what the product, they aim to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and CO2 footprint.

Quality is a key part of their success. The company adheres to worldwide standards and complies with international automotive requirements such as IATF 16949. According to the company website, “Our Quality Policy and Quality Principles combine preventive quality assurance and continuous process improvements with a quality mindset throughout our organization: Quality is a responsibility of every employee at SEG Automotive, from our apprentices to the executive board, at manufacturing plants as well as in all governance functions.”