Electro Product Management Inc.

Fairfield, NJ – www.epmtechsales.com

You may recall EPM from last year’s ranking. The company specializes in designing tests and screening procedures for electronic components used in the aerospace, defense, and industrial electronics industries. When I last spoke with Ray D’Alessandro, VP-Engineering, the company was working on their cyber security compliance. Department of Defense contractors will eventually be required to be compliant, and the company continues to be a leader in cyber security.

Since they have achieved this cyber security status, they are currently ahead of the industry. Less than 30% of companies are where they need to be with cyber security compliance, according to their auditor.

This year I also spoke with his daughter and general manager Angela D’ Alessandro who has been with the company for 18 years. She says the company focuses on quality and treats employees well.

Employee retention is an important factor in their success. Several employees have been with the company throughout its 21-year history. Several others have been around for 18 years. In looking at the company organizational chart, there are a lot of double-digits.

With such a stable workforce, the company doesn’t need to work on constantly dealing with turnover. “It makes life easier,” says Angela. Though this doesn’t mean they don’t do training. Longtime employees developed cyber security training and continue to maintain their skills. The company has several certifications: ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, and ESD-S2020.

“Each employee is trained for a different operation,” Ray explains. “The idea there is to make sure that there’s always a qualified employee to take over if someone is out sick, especially with COVID. Each employee is trained on multiple levels. We can’t just put anybody anywhere.”

“We owe our success to our whole team of who have been with us for close to 20 years,” says Angela. “We work together very well because we created an environment of flexibility, safety, and respectfulness. And even with 20 years under our belt, we continually work to get even better, and even more efficient. This is without a doubt a team effort and we are proud of that.”