“If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Enzo Ferrari, Founder of the Ferrari automotive brand

While few industry leaders would quibble over the wisdom of the late Enzo Ferrari, Dave Kindig, President and CEO of Kindig-it Design, a Salt Lake City-based custom car restoration and remodeling company and star of his own hit reality TV show, Bitchin’ Rides, would probably expand on that sagely advice.

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That’s because since 2017 his 24-year-old company has started to adopt 3D laser scanning technologies, including the Quantum Max FaroArm, a FARO scanarm, as a way to streamline workflows, drive new business, cut down on cost, speed reverse engineering and project completion, and make it easier for their customers’ automotive dreams to be brought to life. Working with FARO® Technologies, Inc., a global leader of 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions for the 3D Metrology market, Dave calls the hardware and Faro arm software solutions the company develops his “magic wand.”

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