Having won their class eight times at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Corvette Racing and Pratt Miller are returning to the track with the Corvette C8.R in pursuit of another victory.

As a world-class motorsports and full-service automotive company, Pratt Miller understands the power of speed and precision. And as an official racing team for General Motors, they know that power is fueled by careful inspection and data analysis before, during and after a race.

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The team uses FARO® ScanArms throughout their entire process, relying on the data accuracy, measurement arm portability and easy setup to gain invaluable information that keeps them at the head of the pack.

Watch to learn how the Pratt Miller team use 3D metrology scanning to prepare for the biggest race in motorsports — and why they've partnered with FARO for four generations of racecars and counting.

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