The Olympus IPLEX™ TX II videoscope combines the versatility of a 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope with an ultra-thin 1.8 mm rigid scope in a single package, enabling users to choose the best setup for their remote visual inspection application. The result is a videoscope that offers easier insertion in the smallest spaces, so inspectors can reach their targets fast and acquire the high-quality images they need to make decisions.

The videoscope’s 120-degree field of view and high-pixel CMOS sensor provide high image quality over a wide area, helping inspectors complete their work more quickly. Bright LED illumination and image adjustments—like halation reduction—improve image quality to facilitate confident decision making.

Compared to the original IPLEX TX, the IPLEX TX II has a redesigned flexible insertion tube and shorter rigid section length that makes it easier to maneuver it in small spaces. The rigid insertion tube also has an air injection system that can be used to blow droplets of water or other liquids out of the way to obtain clear images.

The ultra-lightweight rigid scope weighs as much as a ballpoint pen, so inspectors can hold the scope without strain. The extendable grip enables users to grasp the rigid scope close to the insertion point for fine control. Captured images are displayed on a tablet, so inspectors do not have to physically bend down to look through the scope when they are working. Instead, they can position the tablet wherever it is comfortable for them.

The redesigned flexible insertion tube has a new articulation mechanism that eliminates common failure points while metal braiding provides additional crushing and wear protection. In addition, a CMOS imaging sensor on the rigid scope tip enables the system to continue working if the tube is slightly damaged.

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