BinMaster introduces the NCR-86, a radar level sensor designed to streamline bulk material inventory management. With unparalleled versatility and innovative features, the NCR-86, paired with BinCloud® software, becomes the singular solution for measuring any solid or liquid commodity across vessels and sites, all accessible through a single login.

•    Versatility at its Core: The NCR-86 adapts to any level measurement application, providing 1mm accuracy for solids, powders, or liquids of varying bulk density or specific gravity.

•    Quick and Reliable Data: Despite challenging conditions such as dust, foam, steam, or condensation, the NCR-86 ensures rapid data updates, enhancing efficiency in inventory management.

•    Effortless Setup: The sensor offers a simple Bluetooth setup using a BinDisc or the BinMaster Sensor App, optionally connected to your phone or PC, facilitating easy installation.

•    Cost-Effective Solutions: Utilize wireless and solar gateways, long-range transceivers, and HART consolidator modules to reduce system costs and complexity.

•    Comprehensive Inventory Management: Once installed, connect the NCR-86 to the BinCloud system, enabling users to log in, monitor inventory, receive alerts, and generate reports for any commodity, at any site, during any defined time.

•    Dependability in Extreme Conditions: Encapsulated electronics make the NCR-86 dependable and safe to operate in extreme environments, withstanding high temperatures and pressures. It is certified to various hazardous approval standards.

•    Customizable Options: Choose from plastic, aluminum, or stainless-steel housings, along with various seal materials that suit your specific process requirements.

•    Advanced Cybersecurity: The NCR-86 employs advanced technology to combat cyber-attacks, adhering to the highest IT security standards set by the process industry.

•    Functional Safety: Designed to standard IEC 61511, the NCR-86 ensures functionally safe operation in any process industry.

•    Simplify your commodity management with BinMaster's NCR-86 - one radar, one software, one login, one system. It's time for a seamless and efficient solution.