Michelle Bangert, managing editor for Quality spoke with Toni Bailey about how training has evolved. She explains how people learn by doing, why assuming that people have computer skills might not be correct, and why managers might need training on training.

Here's an excerpt of the interview. Listen to entire podcast below.

Quality: What trends have you noticed in training?

Toni Bailey: Well, one area is in formal training. So formal training has taken a different path than traditional options.

You know, of course, traditionally, we have instructor led classes where trainees were traveled to a training center, and training is provided in person with hands on applications. And being a traditional person myself, that is my preferred method of providing and receiving training. But after the onset of COVID, as you know, many companies didn't have the ability to send their people to in person training. And many people, for various reasons, are choosing not to attend in person. So they're choosing to go with online training courses, which I think is fantastic as well. But one of the things that's kind of a challenge is the hands on applications. What I find is, if a person is a brand new entity inspector, and they attend any webinar type classes without hands on, they come out not knowing much of anything. So some of those web based trainers are trying their best to provide hands. They all are really trying, all of us are.

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