October 21-23, 2025
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

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New Scale Robotics to Demonstrate Robotic Gaging Systems at the Quality Show

Three gages on one robot - calipers, drop gage, bore gage (Booth #832)


Victor, NY (October 2021) – New Scale Robotics will demonstrate its Q-Span Robotic Gaging System at the Quality Show October 26-28 in Rosemont, Illinois. Live, in-person demos will show how this do-it-yourself robotic kit can help high-mix, small-batch manufacturers to quickly and easily automate their existing manual gaging methods.

Three gages on one robot - calipers, drop gage, bore gage

New Scale (booth #832) will show its Q-Span Workstation with one collaborative robot, automatically measuring small parts using three different gages:  

  • A precision gripper/caliper tool (New Scale Robotics NSR-PG Gripper/Caliper)
  • A bore gage (Marposs)
  • A drop gage (Marposs)

In addition to measuring the part’s diameter, the robotic gripper/caliper tool moves parts between a conveyor and the measuring fixtures for the different gages.

The Q-Span System digitizes all inspection data from the three gages into one output. The teachable “plug-and-produce” software on the Universal Robot teach pendant is as easy to use as a smart phone.

The Q-Span Workstation can be used in a quality lab, or on the factory floor for in-process gaging. It improves throughput and reduces inspection costs.

Automating air gaging

Western Gage (booth #712) will also demonstrate a Q-Span Workstation automating "machine tending" of their air gage. In this demo, the Q-Span Workstation’s robotic gripper precisely places each part on the air gage, automatically records the measurement, and moves the part to a pass, fail or sorted location.

About New Scale Robotics

New Scale Robotics makes do-it-yourself (DIY) automation tools for small part inspection. Our Q‑Span® Workstation Kits combine robotic part handling, measurements using digital calipers and other instruments, and automated data logging. They improve efficiency, capacity, and real-time reporting of quality departments. Based on flexible and teachable collaborative robots, Q‑Span Kits are agile solutions that fit into existing workflows. They help quality teams reduce errors, increase throughput, and better utilize skilled labor in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing. Easy to deploy without specialized training, they deliver return on investment (ROI) in less than ten months. 

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