Depth measuring microscope from Titan Tool Supply.

Depth measuring microscope from Titan Tool Supply.

Titan Tool Depth Measuring Microscope

May 8, 2019

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. announced the introduction of its new model ZDM-3 vertical displacement microscope to measure minute variations in height. The Z-Axis electronic depth measuring microscope features a built-in LED co-axial illuminator to allow the user to focus on the top or bottom of the part being inspected. The illuminator includes a green filter and is adjustable to control light, color, and intensity.

Applications in the electronics industry include the semiconductor field to measure heights of the bonded portion of lead wire, wafer bump, lead frames, and solder. The new microscope also measures the step heights of hybrid integrated circuits as well as terminal steps on multi-layer PC boards. Other applications include measuring the depth of minute cracks, engraving depth of printing rolls and plastic molds, depth grooves of computer media, and the depth of score on beverage cans, according to Titan Tool.

The new ZDM-3 is available with magnifications from 50X to 400X with a standard 10X eyepiece and 100X to 800X magnifications with an optional 20X eyepiece. Titan Tool states that the ZDM-3 can be fitted with a video adapter (Model TSTVA-12 available separately) to increase magnification range and to provide greater accuracy and ease of repeatability (from 0.0002-in. to 0.0003-in. or better). The use of the video adapter also relieves eye strain and allows for multi-viewing.

The depth measuring microscope employs the non-destructive principle, relying on high magnification and a shallow depth of field. The accuracy desired determines the magnification setting, and all images are optically correct in the basic microscopes, the company reports. Lenses are coated to eliminate glare, and the reticle offered in the basic microscope and version with the video adapter features crosshairs with concentric circles and minute divisions of the horizontal axis and vertical axis. Optional cameras and monitors are also available with the video adapters. 

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